Upload Files
This interface is to upload the original file you need to convert/compress. After uploading successfully, Media.io will return the unique ID of the file. The subsequent task interface file_id is a required field.

Media.io will only keep the files you upload on the server for 24 hours and delete files older than 24 hours. The total capacity of all uploaded files cannot exceed 5GB.
Interface Routing
POST /upload
Interface Parameters
    "file": "xxxx.mp4"
Return Parameters
Result Data
    "code": 0,
    "data": {
        "file_id": "f155f593155f5936b90ba6957f763585155f5936"
    "msg": "",
    "request_id": "rqd2f8b17d113f8b75464abe64bdb5b159202012311027"